David Torcoletti photographs

During a period of significant personal difficulty, I found that the well-hidden metaphors of my landscape work weren’t as emotionally direct as I needed them to be. I wanted to evoke an emotional and psychological landscape that could express what was going on in my head and heart. Years of Jungian analysis helped with the content, and seeing Renaissance alter pieces on my first trip to Italy helped give me the form.

I allowed myself to photograph any subject matter that caught my imagination, and used many different camera formats. I made hundreds of work prints, and scattered them on the floor. I would then pick one up, place it on a board, and then let intuition guide me to find the next one. I would search for a third, and the image may then be complete. Or one of the images may not quite fit, and I would search for the missing piece. Eventually, the piece would seem “finished,” making some kind of sense to me.

I decided that I would use titles to lead viewers towards a particular meaning, but I was always pleased when a viewer came up with an interpretation that I had not considered. That new interpretation would sometimes feed the next group of images I would make and then use.
Jesus Is You, Toned Silver-Gelatin Prints, 17" x 39"
Triptychs, 1995 to 1997

all images copyright David Torcoletti. all rights reserved.