David Torcoletti photographs

After living in western Massachusetts for 20 years, I changed lives and moved to the South Shore of Boston. Even though my part of western Mass was only about a hundred miles from the ocean, the landscape there seemed that like it had no relation to water that big. When I moved to the coast, I knew that it would have to become the new place I would explore with a camera.

The print color strategies I learned from the Triptych and Multipych series were employed in this new landscape series. Instead of the cold-toned glossy paper images of my previous landscapes, I decided to use sepia toner with a mat surface. These are softer, more romantic and creepier than my previous landscape work.

The camera is a Deardorff with a 5 x 7 back. The film was Kodak Tri-X pan.
Grasshopper Lane Steps, Toned Silver-Gelatin Print, 9" x 12" to 30" x 42"
The South Shore, 2004 to 2005

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