David Torcoletti photographs

I have always photographed things at hand, as a matter of both illumination and of convenience.  I like to make a lot of images, and it is harder to do that of something far way.  I have found that nearby things do not reveal themselves any faster just because you see them a lot.  In fact, their familiarity is probably their best camouflage.

Route 199 is a stretch of highway between the Taconic Parkway and the small village of Annandale-on-Hudson, home of Bard College, where I was working on my graduate degree.  I chose this 14-mile stretch of road for my graduate thesis for the reasons cited above – interest in the raw subject matter and sheer accessibility.  While I am a native New Englander, nearby upstate New York seems strange and exotic, especially in the Hudson Valley.  Even the insects look like they are made of different parts.

The camera was a Deardorff View Camera, the film 4 X 5 Kodak tri-x pan. The light and the road and the guardrails and buildings are strictly Hudson Valley.
Route 199, 1987

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