David Torcoletti photographs

Somewhere in the middle of the river, I decided that I wanted to make this landscape series a trilogy – Road, River, Rail. I chose the rail line that ran behind my house in Northfield and Gill Massachusetts. I set the limits at about 75 miles, from Holyoke, Mass to Bellows Falls Vermont. I’m not even sure that I was always following the same line. I got some help from a friend who worked on a train that traveled that way, and from a group of men who stood on a bridge overlooking the Deerfield, Mass rail yard and lamented a time gone by. They were very dedicated to the history of the railroad in that area, but always in a sad, wistful, occasionally angry way. I’m sure their attitude got into my images.

My attempt was to stay true to one set of rails, but I doubt that it happened. The Rail was appropriate as a coda to the series, as it seemed like the end of a sound, an echo of what was.
text, Silver-Gelatin Print, 12" x 18" to 30" x 42"
Boston and Maine Railroad Line, 1987 to 1994

all images copyright David Torcoletti. all rights reserved.