David Torcoletti photographs

I wanted to break out of the formula that the Triptychs imposed. On a visit to my parents’ home, I looked on the wall and saw a few of those “collage frames” that one can buy from the local department store. Under a mat of many different sized openings lay pictures of my family. I realized that many families keep this non-verbal documentary of their lives on the wall for all to see. The images commemorate  big moments such as weddings and graduations, and the many small moments that seem to designate a real or imagined state of family happiness and accomplishment.

I was fascinated by what happened when these loaded images bumped up against each other in that collage frame, and wanted to see what would happen if I exaggerated the dimensions of the mat and frame, and filled them with images that had a different kind of content. The process was similar to that of the Triptychs, but the added dimension of many openings, and the size, shape and placement of them, provided a significant challenge. I like what happens with the images as they speak to and amplify each other. I find the graphic design problems interesting and challenging. This project is still in progress.
Morte in Queue, Toned Silver-Gelatin Prints, 19" x 47"
Multipychs, 1998 to 2004

all images copyright David Torcoletti. all rights reserved.