David Torcoletti photographs

For many photographers, the first place they aim their camera is smack at their own heart – their family. I was around twelve when my dad introduced me to photography, built me a darkroom and handed me a camera. Naturally, my parents, siblings, grandparents and cousins were the first subject matter that got my attention.

I was seventeen when my grandparents had to go to a nursing home. I never visited them without crying about their decline and living situation, though I knew that my father and his siblings had done all that they could to keep them at home. Some of the photographs included here are from that time. I learned that I cried less if I brought a camera with me, turning my beloved family members from tragedy into subject matter.

Since then, to the everlasting exasperation of my family, I have aimed my camera and clicked at the big moments like Christmas, and all the little moments that really make up a life. My parents are now at the age that my grandparents were when I photographed them, though they are healthier in all ways. I still am trying to figure us all out. I thank all my family for their patience.
Nona and Nono in Nursing Home, c. 1975, Silver-Gelatin Print, 9" x 13"
Family, 1975 to 2005

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