David Torcoletti photographs

These landscapes were made in the seventies, after a near-fatal exposure to the wonder of Lee Friedlander’s work. Photographers of the “New Topographic” movement, such as Robert Adams, John Gossage and Lewis Baltz also attracted my attention. I loved how the plainness of the nearby world was revealed by these photographers to contain a rhythm,  pace, profundity and grace that escapes most of us when we don’t look hard enough.

Almost all of these images were made with hand held 35mm or 2-1/4 square camera. I can see both how derivative they are, and how some basic elements of my own vision are starting to emerge. They are familiar because they are from the neighborhoods I lived in at the time, and foreign, because I hadn’t figured out how to show this world in my own way.

all images copyright David Torcoletti. all rights reserved.